Parquet can be enjoyed for a very long time with the right cleaning and care. Therefore, Bauwerk offers a range of cleaning and care products, which are perfectly matched to your parquet flooring.

Conservation of value

The individual surface finish treatments protect the high-quality parquet wood from wear and dirt. We recommend specific cleaning and care measures with the correct products to guarantee the beauty and the longest possible protection of your parquet floor.

Clear Colour System

Bauwerk’s own cleaning and care products are divided into colour codes. A colourful butterfly on the label indicates the content of the product. All cleaning products show a pink-coloured butterfly. The green butterfly indicates a care product for sealed floors. The orange coloured butterfly stands for the care of oiled surfaces.

Cleaning Products

Bauwerk parket onderhoud

Parquet is generally very easy to clean. Loose dirt can be removed simply with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Bauwerk’s parquet cleaner is perfectly matched to their parquet for damp mopping. Bauwerk spot remover is recommended for stubborn stains.

Care Products for Natural Oiled Parquet

onderhoud bauwerk parketThe natural oiled Bauwerk Parkett floors make an especially natural impression through their sealed and partially film-forming surfaces. With regular cleaning and care, the oiled surfaces of highly utilised parquet surfaces can retain their long-lasting protection and  optical appearance.

Care Products for Sealed Parquet

onderhoud bauwerk parkettThe sealed Bauwerk floors in B-Protect®, matt or high-gloss, are especially tough and long-lasting because of their coating layer. The sealant varnish is protected through regular cleaning and care, which prevents wear and tear while maintaining the optical impression of the lacquer surface.

Cleaning and Care Sets

onderhoud bauwerk parkettBauwerk has put together a cleaning and care set perfectly matched to your floor. You can obtain it in our showrooms.

Cleaning Tools

Bauwerk parkett wisserBauwerk offers practical and easy to use cleaning tools for private households. The reasonably priced Bauwerk surface mop is well suited for cleaning parquet floors. For larger surfaces, a disk cleaner with a fine cleaning pad can be used.